National Novel Writing Month: Get ready, the clock is ticking


You may recall it was nearly a year ago that I found myself spooked at the prospect of taking part in National Novel Writing Month.

(Flickr: JD Hancock)

(Flickr: JD Hancock)

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Beginning November 1, this annual event invites writers from around the world to participate in a month-long pledge to roll up their sleeves, put their thinking caps on and get writing.

The goal? A completed 50,000-word novel in 30 days.

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The bad news is that I never did reach that goal in 30 days.

The good news? I am still writing, still dialed in and still feeling inspired.

So, I guess there wasn’t so much to be afraid of after all.

Of course, November is just around the corner. And for any writers out there who are looking for a reason to step on the gas pedal and get moving, there is still time to get yourself in gear.

Click here for a quick look at what you can do to prepare for National Novel Writing Month — a potentially life-altering, game-changing experience that will finally put your words on the page and your story on the map.

Good luck!

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