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Mine memories for powerful writing


There are certain times in your life that will always mean something to you. Whether it’s a birthday or graduation. Even Christmas or the fourth of July can inspire excitement within you. These are the moments that you will remember forever. They give off joy and love which translates into something greater — your writing.


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When memories like this happen, write them down, either to keep remembering them or just because you love the way they make you feel. Artists paint what they feel. Dancers translate their emotions into movement. Writers write what they feel and their emotions of any particular moment.

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What you write can transform into anything. The possibilities are endless. You can write for days on what you got for Christmas — how excited you were when you received that gift from your grandparents. How a special someone made you feel under the mistletoe on a cold December night. The love and joy that’s cherished among your family and friends.

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Special moments like these can help guide you, especially in this challenging field, to help you grow and excel in your writing. Dreams come true when you pour what these moments feel like on pen and paper. Even seeing them come alive on a screen helps you feel that your life’s work means something.

You never know when something truly great happens to you unless it’s written. Because then you realize, it’s moments like these that will be forever engraved not just into your mind, but for the entire world to read.

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