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Make a splash: Become a memorable writer


True, writing is not a career that is pursued by the majority, but there are still dozens of people out there looking to break into the world of words. People just like you.

We’re all vying for the same thing. So, it’s easy to slip right into that crowd and become another individual who says to others, “I’m a writer.”

But, wouldn’t it be grand if you could say, “My name is so and so,” and they are the ones who would say, “Oh, you’re the writer?”

(Flick: Rachel Sarai)

(Flick: Rachel Sarai)

To quote The Hunger Games: “Make sure they remember you.”

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Okay, so writing is not as violent a competition as a televised fight to the death, but it can be just as gruesome when you volunteer the tribute of your manuscript into the arena of the publisher’s office.

Allow me to be your mentor:

Be persistent. You’ve probably heard that one before. That’s because it’s crucial. Some things in life may require you to be a nuisance (but don’t really be a nuisance).

Be human. You know the one thing said most about universally loved and admired actress Jennifer Lawrence? She’s very human. In a world where people are generally unreachable and foreign, Jennifer is someone her fans can completely and understandably relate to. On your blogs and social media, as well as in the face-to-face world, communicate with readers as if they are your buddies and you are out for a coffee house chat.

Be abnormal. No, you don’t have to be strange and creepy. But, step outside your area of expertise and try out. Write something not written every day, or do something not done every day.

Be generous. Give, give, give. Your time, your writing, your knowledge, your thoughts and ideas, copies of your book when it’s been successfully published, prizes from drawings or questionnaires, sneak peeks, snippets, life adventures and life lessons. I still remember the time Chipotle gave me my meal for free because I had to wait just five minutes for the chicken to cook. And I keep talking about it.

Be a fan. Be a cheerleader for your fellow writers. After all, who understands their endeavors more than you? And I’ll bet you’re a fan of something. Are you crazy about Doctor Who? Share that with the readers. Fandoms connect people from far and wide.

Be alive. If you treat writing like an adventure, others will join you on the journey. Don’t just say you’re a writer; show it! People will remember the glow in your face and the chirp in your voice.

Be fluid.  Always go after something. Make writing goals and share your dreams. Being stagnant is a dangerous place to be. Actively inspire and motivate people to go after something along with you. Keep people out of the mud, and they’ll remember their hero.

It’s dependent on skill and luck to continue on past the 15 minutes of fame, but you can be a writer who increases the odds if you actively employ the right methods. In the end, it’s all about the story, so the best method is: write the best story.

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