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Make an impact, write for a cause


Do you write well? Then consider what options are available to you for expressing this talent. There are limitless possibilities of matters to write about. Limitless possibilities for means of communication. Where to start and how to give the best of what you have to offer, are two questions that often arise. My focus is how to combine your expertise with your writing capabilities to create the largest positive impact.


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After evaluating your own writing abilities, consider what would suit you best. At the professional or recreational level, or perhaps freelancing.

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Once you’ve decided the level, consider what interests or expertise you could use your writing skills for. Are you an animal activist? Or maybe an expert leadership counselor? Perhaps you’re interested in nonprofits.

Write for a cause

Start broad, as broad as you can. Then narrow it down. Once an interest or two makes itself known, exploration can begin. Mentally ready with a game plan, it’s time to apply the mission. Explore what options are out there for you.

Interested in a health or medical related field? Depending on your level of expertise in that field, consider writing for a health site or medical journal. Fascinated with social activism and enjoy reading fiction? Consider weaving current social issues into your next piece’s storyline. Have an interesting story to tell, professionally or personally? Consider writing a memoir or journal pieces.

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The benefits to combining your talents/interests with your writing ability is amplified impact. Develop your writing and thinking skills, and you and your readers will feel more of a personal connection to your work. The cause you write for will help motivate your level of commitment.

Another great reason to become involved with a cause close to your heart is the gift it will be for the community. Nonprofits, charities, and the like abound. So evaluate your abilities, pick a passion and search for an opportunity.

Best of luck.

Susan J. Peck is a freelance writer and student. She is currently writing for and is a contributing writer at Learn more about Susan here.



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