Java jivin’: 5 great reasons to become a coffee house writer


You see them there, nestled into their comfy chairs, earphones tucked in, laptops plugged in and eyes zeroed in on the screen.

(Flickr:  Iryna Yeroshko)

(Flickr: Iryna Yeroshko)

They are serious writers writing serious things. But, just how serious can you be while writing at a coffee house? Pretty darn serious, actually.

J.K. Rowling counted The Elephant House, a quaint coffee joint in Edinburgh, among her favorite coffee haunts while she wrote the Harry Potter blockbuster series that forever altered the literary landscape.

No offense, but writers have been java jivin’ long before Ms. Rowling.

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Here are a few more great reasons for writing at a coffee house:

  • There’s just something about coffee that gets those creative juices flowing. The caffeine? Maybe. Or perhaps the mere act of wrapping your hands around a warm cuppa joe that allows a writer to steady his mind and stir his writing soul.
  • The scenery makes for great stories. Hit a brick wall? Can’t find a fitting end to your sentence? Just look up from your screen and there’s a good chance that the hustle and bustle that surrounds you will give you your inspiration.
  • Nothing puts you in the mindset to write like a routine. Keep up the coffee house writing schedule and, like Pavlov’s dogs, many writers start salivating with ideas as soon as they smell the percolating coffee grounds.
  • Strangely enough, white noise can be soothing for a writer. Sometimes writing in solitude can have your mind searching like an antennae for some sign of life.
  • Going to a coffee shop (heck, even your local library) is the equivalent of heading out to the office for some writers, providing a sense of purpose but also increased productivity. Give it a shot and see if your writing routine gets a a nice little boost.

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