It’s a wonderful, feel-good, rainy kind of day


It’s a cloudy, rainy day here in Southern California. So, for now, my normally free-to-be toes are tucked away into socks and sneakers and I am taking advantage of the rare weather to light candles and feel cozy.

What kind of weather conditions inspire your writing? (Flickr: silent shot)

What kind of weather conditions inspire your writing? (Flickr: silent shot)

Yes, it’s writing weather!

For those of you who toil in cold, snow-packed regions around the world, it might seem strange to hear from someone in sunny So Cal, seeming to complain about warm, sun-soaked days, blue skies and towering palm trees that sway with balmy breezes.

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But, I would say many of us here are happy for a change of scenery every so often. Most hail from spots that enjoy the seasons and feel a little homesick for a chilly night and reason to sit down to a steaming bowl of soup.

Does the gloom help me write any better? I think so.

For me, the sky is like an ever-changing artist’s canvas, offering some new view of the world, some new mood to revel in.

I like waking to different things, different feelings and ideas to ponder.

What’s the weather like today in your neck of the woods?

How is your writing impacted by the weather? Is your writing ritual impervious to the winds that swirl around you? Or do you find yourself staring out the window, absorbing the day’s vibe?

When you daydream, are you prone to yearning for sunshine in some tropical paradise or do you imagine a soft and snowy evening in a mountain cabin?

And better yet – do you have a favorite setting in your writing, one that you revisit again and again? What’s the weather like in that setting? Are you remembering to subject your characters to a rainy, blustery, sun-shiny, heat-blistering day?

No matter the weather conditions in your area today, take a few moments to consider how the daily climate can and should play a role in your daily ritual and in your current writing project.

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*This post was originally published on October 28, 2013


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