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Intuition can seem a complex thing. Suggest to writers that they should utilize their intuitions when writing and most will nod and agree. But, many do not often understand how to actually put this into practice.


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When I worked as a high school English teacher, my students and I would talk often about what it meant to “go with your first instinct,” especially when it came to test-taking.

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One suggestion I would offer — and the students were nearly always amazed with the results — was to have students cover the answer choices with their thumbs so that they wouldn’t be tempted to glimpse the choices.

Then, I would urge them to read the question and fill in the blank with their mind’s own best answer first.

When they would lift their thumbs from the page, the students were amazed to see that their answer — or something close to it — was actually provided in the answer choices.

That’s what it means to go with your gut, I would say.

Intuition-led Writing

Writing is similar. And lately I have been employing a similar strategy as I write.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I am deeply immersed in writing a novel at the moment and, instead of working from my usual outline, I am allowing myself to be led by my intuition.

How does that work? Well, I am closing my eyes. Yes, I am literally closing my eyes and typing while the scene unfolds in my mind. The results have been phenomenal. The words and the ideas flow in a way that I have never experienced. Admittedly, I open my eyes to find tons of little typos, but those are easily fixed.

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What is most important to me is that I am writing with intuition and authenticity. And that’s making all the difference in my narrative.

Do you write with your gut? What is you intuition telling you today about your current writing project? Let a picture form in your mind, meditate on it and then transfer it onto the page and see where it takes you.

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