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Inspiration flies like the wind and floats like a breeze


What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?”

–E.M. Forster

Imagine if inspiration blew into your consciousness like a welcome gust on a windy day. Imagine that inspiration swirling and twirling and whipping itself into a frenzy of ideas — ideas that shape themselves into a story.


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Imagine it because that is precisely how inspiration can come to us, if we are aware and if we are open. Inspiration whirls all around us, but too often we can be oblivious to it.

We can become more open to inspiration by embracing it just as we would the wind.

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Listen for it. Listen closely. Strain to hear its slightest rustle. It may mean you have to tune out all other distractions, but if you sit quietly and strive to hear it, even in its silence, you will find inspiration there.

Feel it. Note how an idea or a notion crawls across your skin, chills your bones or sparks your soul. Keep your mind free enough to experience the waft of feeling that will wash upon you.

Expect it. Know that inspiration lives everywhere. It is found in trees and soil, a looming sky or sweltering heat wave. It is found in the eyes of our loved ones and the craggy souls of our enemies. Know that it will find you, easy as a summer breeze, if you open your mind and heart to it.

Where has inspiration found you today?

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