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Be an innovator: Write with imagination


Innovation is everywhere these days — so much innovation that hardly anything seems special or new anymore. innovator

And yet, with the millions of writers out there – digital and traditional – competing for a loyal following of readers, it is imperative that our writing be unique.

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To be successful, we must create words that power on a light bulb over our readers’ heads. We must craft stories that spark excitement, that leave the readers breathless and wondering, curious and willing to be swept along in the current of its newness and relevance.

This is not such an easy task. But, it is possible for writers who are trained to first recognize ingenuity and then set about creating something new as its vehicle.

What are the Qualities of an Innovator?

Time and history give us a long and storied account of innovators – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Steve Jobs. And without question, the men and women whose inventions and insights have altered the course of humankind share some common attributes.

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Innovators are curious people who explore the world, ask questions and view their surroundings with a sense of awe.

They are tireless and driven, self-disciplined project starters who know how to see a mission to completion.

Innovators want more than what has always been; they seek more, risking property and reputation in their pursuit of their vision for the future. They seek answers through research and reflection. They are not afraid to reach out to others for support in achieving their goals.

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No matter how outrageous the task, innovators embrace the impossible, laugh in the face of failure and trudge onward.

Innovators are students and schemers, visionaries and daydreamers. They are fueled, not by what does exist, but what does not.

And that is why writers – of all the people and professions in this world – are the perfect purveyors of innovation. Because it is through our imaginations that new worlds, feelings, ideas and images are achievable.

All things are possible in and with a writer’s mind.

Kerri S. Mabee is managing editor at and founder of Breeze Media & Communications. Learn more about her at

Kerri S. Mabee

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