When ideas alight, keep momentum burning bright


It’s been a little quiet around here at this week.

(Flickr: Kenny Louie)

(Flickr: Kenny Louie)

That’s because inspiration has struck with my novel and my fingers have been furiously clicking away at the keyboard while the synapses in my brain keep firing off new ideas at a record pace.

This is great, mostly because writing is usually something of a slow and painful slog for me. I tend to get wrapped up the weeds, editing and doubting myself as a I go.

Why the change? I believe it has to do with a slight change to my writing ritual.

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I have been more serious about achieving a meditative state, not just before I write, but after I wrap up for the day.

I have found that meditating after I write– even for just a few minutes — allows me to devise a plan for my next writing session while the creative juices are still flowing hot through my veins.

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I jot notes so that when I am ready to take up my pen again, the inspiration from my last go is still simmering, ready and waiting.

What tips do you have for writers for not only becoming inspired, but sustaining the momentum over time?

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  1. Thanks, Ashley! Sounds intriguing! Yes, I have been a writing maniac. I love it. Hit something of a brick wall today, though. But, am jumping right back in tonight. :)

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