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Everyone is doing it. Maybe you should do it, too. Not so sure about blogging? There are actually a lot of good reasons for establishing a writing blog:

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Blogging is a great way for writers to get themselves in the published column. With so many publications closing up shop, it is becoming more difficult to land a writing gig. When you are asked for clips, there is little to show.

Many prospective publishers are happy to see that an author has not only established a portfolio of online work, but a growing readership as well.

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A writing blog is also great practice. Let’s face it — writers tend to procrastinate as they wait for the next big idea to strike a chord in their creative souls. Blogging provides that strong nudge you need towards your computer and will force you to write and write often.

A writing blog offers new and veteran writers the chance to cultivate and connect with an audience. The cyber world is teeming with hungry readers looking for a compelling voice and story. If you’re not sure what your blog should feature, scoot around the Web for a look at how other writers are engaging their audiences.

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When your readership grows, so too does your chance to advance your work on a variety of social media platforms. Enjoying a loyal cadre of fans and followers will prove useful as you seek to expand your brand and sell your newly published works.

Finally, a writing blog gives writers the chance to think and write creatively and courageously. It’s no easy thing to spill your soul onto the page, let alone a world-wide web page that delivers the deepest, darkest parts of you to millions of computer screens.

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