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8 great reasons to become a writer


So I’m sure most of you who read this articles are either interested in writing or want to become one. Apprehension is expected, however I’m here to ease your minds and give you eight great reasons why you should become a writer:

become a writer

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You get to write to your heart’s content.

No matter which writing career you wish to pursue, you get the chance to write however long you want and on whatever subject you want.

You can make money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors earned a yearly median income of  $55,940 in 2012. That’s pretty good money, but it of course depends on which writing career you would follow.

There are several different writing jobs.

Can’t decide which writing job to pursue? No worries, there are loads of them. From novelist to scriptwriter, poet to public relations — the list is endless! Become a writer, but choose a field that will make you happy and fulfilled.

You can work from home.

Most writers set their own schedules to make a certain deadline or because they are their own boss like novelists or freelance writers. As long as you have a computer, you can write wherever you want. The world is your workplace.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

The world can inspire you to come up with characters or plots depending on far you can stretch your imagination. From a guy playing guitar on the street to birds chirping in the park –your creativity is limitless.

Rejection only makes you stronger.

During your writing career, you will be criticized or find your work bluntly rejected. Learning how to handle it will make you a stronger, better writer.

Your work can make it to the big time.

When your work is accepted you get the satisfaction of seeing it come to life on the stage, on bookshelves or on the big screen.

You will stay true to yourself.

With writing, you will never lose that sense of yourself. That part will always be with you, no matter how much fame and fortune you earn in a lifetime.

Being a professional writer has its perks. You just have to work hard, write with your heart and believe in yourself as you go along.

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