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As writers, we all have our our weaknesses — times where we falter or run into the same issue again and again.

(Flickr: THOR)

(Flickr: THOR)

For me, that issue is staying power. It is typical for me to start off a novel with unbridled enthusiasm. I write every day — eating, sleeping and dreaming every aspect of my characters’ lives.

But, some other new idea comes my way. It gleams before me like some sparkly bauble and I can’t pull my eyes away. Until another brighter, shinier object dazzles me.

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Deeply immersed in my current novel, I have found a new strategy for staying focused.

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Meditation — before and after I write.

Many writers will carve out a quiet place and time in their lives to meditate before a writing session. The practice is a sound one, allowing writers to connect to a creative muse or to their intuitive spirits for better, more inspired writing.

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But I have found that also meditating after a writing session allows me to not only depart with a sense of peace, but I let myself think on that moment when I will return to the page.

What do I want to say next? What new adventure awaits my heroine? How will or should the villain react? How will I bridge from one chapter to the next?

Meditating after I write — even if it is for a few brief moments — allows me to settle my mind on what I have written up to a certain point, but also visualize what lies ahead. This keeps me hooked. And that’s exactly what I need to stay engaged with my characters.

Are you having trouble staying focused in your writing today? What tips do you have for writers who leave a trail of unfinished projects in favor of the next big thing?

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