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Get published: Deliver your work from the shadows


Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.

(Flickr: Seth Sawyers)

(Flickr: Seth Sawyers)

–Sylvia Plath

Ah, so true!

While some writers claim that they write only for themselves, most would admit to craving an audience for their work.

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Do you have a filing cabinet filled with the pages of a long-forgotten novel? A notebook housing the inspired scribbles of a poem? Or perhaps there is a screenplay buried deep on your computer’s hard drive?

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If so, it’s time to unearth that gem and give it a good polish.

Give it a thorough read-through. Make notations and edits along the way.

Impose upon a fellow writer or inquire with a professional editor to read through the manuscript, as well.

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Once you have the piece cleaned up and ready for prime time, search for an editor, publisher or agent who may have an interest in it.

Ultimately, if you want to have your work in the public eye, then you are its best advocate. The best way to get published is to start somewhere and today is as good as any, right?

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