The future looks bright for writers


There was a time not so long a ago when writers were able to earn a living doing what they loved to do. Whether as a staffer or as a freelancer, skilled writers of varying expertise and genres were able to pitch their work and expect a reasonable response and active assignments from an editor.

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End result? A paycheck and a clip that you could send around to pad your growing resume.

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Such opportunities are still there for a few writers, but they are dwindling. Or are they? The reality is there are opportunities still out there; they are just greatly changed:

Blogging — It may seem cliche in the digital world, but many writers have taken to blogging for themselves or others as a way of keeping their work fresh and growing an online readership. In fact, many employers and editors like to see a writer’s online work in the form of a blog or author page.

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Digital writing–In addition to blogging, many writers are making a name for themselves in the digital writing world by contributing articles to such publications as Yahoo. The pay isn’t phenomenal, but the worldwide attention of your byline is a definite benefit.

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eBooks–So many writers have ventured into this evolving platform by taking what they know or what they love and putting it into an eBook. This helps to grow attention to your work and helps you to secure an online presence. Market it well and a paycheck is possible.

Public relations–For those who desire to make an impact with their words, there are many for-profit and   non-profit companies that look for talented writers to join their staff to create compelling and inspirational content for their websites and promotional materials. You may not enjoy a byline, but the work allows you to do what you love.

Ultimately, the future looks bright for any writer willing to work hard and write brilliantly. The key is to seek new doors and then open them.

Kerri S. Mabee is managing editor at and founder of Breeze Media & Communications. Learn more about her at


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