Freelance writing careers look promising in current economy


With a still-sluggish economy and the ever-changing professional workforce landscape, many writers are realizing that the best way to receive an opportunity is to create an opportunity.

(Flickr: Alan Weir)

(Flickr: Alan Weir)

These days, more than ever, writers are finding that the freelance world is the perfect way to pursue a career in writing that can be an inspiring and lucrative source of work.

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There are many benefits. Freelance writers are independent, set their own hours, work from home and can earn as much money as they are willing to work for. There are no limits.

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However, some of the challenges that freelance writing consultants often face are working throughout the day and night to accommodate clients’ needs. Freelancers must also be disciplined and patient, as it takes time to grow an active client base.

Be sure to check out this Feb. 18 article titled Declaring Independence: The Freelance Revolution. 

The piece offers a promising look at how the freelance industry is booming today’s economy.

And then there is this little nugget from the article: “An industry report conducted by the International Freelancers Academy (IFA) found that 38 percent of the survey’s respondents earn more money as a freelancer than they did as in-house employees. In fact, about 15 percent of the freelancers surveyed reported earning at least $100 an hour.”

Writing hopefuls can certainly feel encouraged by the freedom and financial opportunities possible with freelance work. But where to get started?

A great resource for finding freelance work can be found here.

However, nothing beats the personal connections that you make with other writers, editors and local businesses. I have managed a freelance writing consulting career that has spanned nearly 15 years by establishing quality contacts and delivering quality work to my clients.

Do you think the freelance writing world is for you?

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