Five tips to write color into your stories


Adding color to your writing is a great way to draw readers to your characters and their stories. However, it can be easy to become so immersed in perfecting your prose that you forget to dazzle the audience with some colorful details.

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Has your writing gone from thrill to chill? Crazy to lazy? Exhilarating to ho-hum? Then it’s time to toss some jive into your java!

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It’s not so hard to do. Why, just a little zip of this and whopping zap of that will have your readers, well, reading!

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Write Color into your Stories

–Go ahead. Have some fun and make up a few words as you go along. No one will take away your writing card. Dr. Seuss did it successfully. Admit it, the words “zip” and “whopping zap” mentioned above captured your attention.

–Zero in on all the wonderful, wacky and weird idiosyncrasies of your characters and describe them in colorful detail to your audience. Limps and lisps and loose lips can elicit laughs or even empathy.

–Don’t forget to utilize all your senses when depicting a scene — taste, touch, smell, sound and hearing.  These are precisely the things to arouse emotion, passion and curiosity in a reader.

–Toss in a little alliteration for a smooth and savvy way of sparking interest in a story. Simply repeat the first consonant sounds in a sentence for some fun.

–When adding color to your writing, add real color! Candy apple red barns and azure skies, sea green grass and golden crusted pies — tantalize your audience with deliciously  detailed descriptions.

Where can you write color into your story today?

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