Five fab New Year’s resolutions for writers


Here we are, folks. The New Year has made its debut and now stretches out before us like some vast and utterly blank notebook.

(Flickr: vanhookc)

(Flickr: vanhookc)

And that notebook’s pages are just waiting to be filled – with your words.

The start of 2014 is the perfect time to set some resolutions that will have you achieving your writing dreams in no time.

Here are a few to get you started:

Make a place. Part of your writing success depends on carving out a private, comfortable spot where creativity can live and imagination will thrive. For you this place may be your home office. Or it may be some quiet little spot on your back patio among climbing vines, a nearby creek and a lazy porch swing. Wherever you choose, settle on a spot where you feel you will be most productive.

Make time. It is so easy to fall prey to distractions. It’s even easier to put your writing on the back burner in favor of countless other chores and obligations. This year, strive to see your writing as a vital part of your day – every day. Whether in the early morning or in the late hours of the night, make your writing goals a top priority.

Make friends. It’s true – writers tend to be solitary creatures. But, if you want to grow your reputation and status as a writer, then you must network. Work to make connections with other industry folks. Learn from them. Enjoy their support and words of wisdom. Gain new friends through social media and your confidence in this profession will grow.

Make some goals. Yes, the clock has turned and 2014 is here. But, it’s never too late to sit down with pen and paper and list some writing goals. Consider making a list of about five objectives that are easily attained. Checking off those items prove you have what it takes to achieve your goals. Then, list five more items that will challenge you in the near future. Add on two or three long-range aspirations (e.g., finishing a novel, finding a literary agent) to reach by the end of the year.

Make a life. Many writers tend to live in their own heads. Our imaginations are vivid and our minds so active with daydreams and thoughts that we sometimes forget to get out there and become a part of life. Visit with friends or step outside your comfort zone with a trip to some exotic locale. Even just a stroll on the beach or people-watching at your favorite coffee shop will help keep those creative writing juice flowing through your veins.

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