Fields of dreams await writers seeking new horizons


This Southern California girl is wrapping up a new opportunity in beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was my first trip to the state and I loved the lush green farmlands that surrounded me.

(Credit: Kerri S. Mabee)

(Credit: Kerri S. Mabee)

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With hearty cornfields fluttering against a warm breeze, the view inspired me for its immenseness.

Call me “cliche,” but there is something about the vast scale of such a scene that is invigorating.

It reminds me to think big, to stretch the limits of my imagination and strive for horizons that touch the sky.

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There are many things to love about Iowa — friendly folks and an easy pace, among them — but for writers there is the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. For nearly 30 years, writers of every age and stage have made the trek to Iowa City to hone their craft.

Presentations by writing professionals and informative workshops offer enlightenment. And daily gatherings for coffee and collaboration among participants are just the thing to get the creative juices flowing.

Like another famous Iowa landmark where dreams materialize from the deep green, Iowa has built a reputation for welcoming writers to come with a dream and a tiny seed of an idea.

The region has enjoyed a long, venerated literary history via the Iowa Writers’ Workshop through the University of Iowa. So many talented writers have emerged from the program to make a powerful impact on the literary landscape — a landscape just as encompassing and as impressive as the cornfields themselves.

Are you thinking it’s time to reach for a writing dream? Why not consider the idyllic views and forever Iowa skies as your writing backdrop?

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Kerri S. Mabee

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