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Feast on inspiration this holiday season


As Thanksgiving nears, the holiday spirit is catching up with many of us. We think about all our loved ones and how much they mean to us at this time of year. It’s also a great time to find inspiration for our writing. All the scenes that are playing out around you can inspire you to chuck the writer’s block into the trash and start writing your masterpiece.


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With the holidays, look for obvious signs to inspire you, such as writing about how much your family means to you, or how thankful you are to them. Let the meal you eat or how it is prepared add some spice to your creativity. Remember holiday gatherings from your past. Imagine your dreams for the future.  It just takes your writing talents and putting pen to paper to make it interesting.

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Have some fun. Writing inspiration can be found anywhere. Black Friday is a great example. When crazed shoppers take over and want the new gadget out there, describe the scene and how fast they were getting to the items. Or how they ravage each other, fighting over the 52” flat screen T.V.  Anything is possible with inspiration surrounding you.

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Finally, during the holidays, things are joyful, but can even be a little weird. Families gather and there is a lot to be happy about, but it doesn’t take long for the crazy to kick in. Think about your own family dynamics and how their interactions can inspire and inform your writing.

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