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Don’t forget — writing should be fun!


Summer is the season of vacations and fun. But now we’re heading into fall again, so new projects are starting and new opportunities are becoming available.

(Flickr: Favi Santos)

(Flickr: Favi Santos)

If you’re like me, fall is the time where you work harder than ever — both at your day jobs and in your writing. If you’re lucky, your writing is your job, but that’s obviously not the case for everyone.

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If you want to be a full-time writer, it’s a full-time job that easily bleeds into overtime. Most of the world doesn’t see writing as something that causes stress. It is romanticized in the media and by those fortunate writers who have actually made it to financial success through writing.

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But for the rest of us, it is very easy to take on more than might be healthy to keep churning out project after project for the sake of our portfolios, deadlines and writing reputations.

That’s certainly what I’ve been up to.

But there’s a reason we’re writers and not stressed-out Wall Street number crunchers. We are writers because we revel in the imaginative, the unusual and the unique.

We are storytellers, first and foremost. And we can sometimes forget that we began crafting stories because it was fun. Because we liked it. Our careers develop out of something we did as kids for entertainment. Our work is our play, and we should never separate the two.

But life is hectic and deadlines must be met. I just want to remind us all that even when you’re writing for a paycheck or your portfolio or for your deadline, it should always be at least a little fun. These are stories, after all—the stuff of entertainment and wonder.

Nicole Aronis is an aspiring novelist and short story writer. She runs a writing advice and community blog at


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