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Whether books or music, author Jeff Resnick is most comfortable when he is creating.  A published author and composer, Jeff has arranged music for internationally acclaimed Jazz artists and has recently published “The Gift” — a seven-book series touted as a musical journey through time and space.

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Jeff Resnick (Courtesy photo)

Q: Tell us about your current work.

A: “The Gift” is about a musician’s life performing on stage, interacting with a tantalizing menagerie of musicians, gangsters, travelers, lovers, and spirits. You’ll be challenged to decide what is real and what is imagined, and to wonder whether it even matters.

Above all else, “The Gift” is a tender love story about two musicians who are destined to be together, despite the separations they must endure. In this age of Mysticism, “The Gift” stands out as the compelling saga of a musician’s lifelong search for meaning through the realization of his special gift. This seven-book mini-series should be enjoyed sequentially, beginning with Book 1.

Q: Describe your daily writing ritual.

A: Mine starts in the middle of the night! Ideas flow, then invade my dreams. In the morning, I put those ideas into written form (computer), devoting a minimum of two hours. In the evening, I edit those initial ideas into a more finalized format; then, the whole process begins anew!

Q: What advice do you have for writers wishing to jump into the self-publishing digital market?

A: I actually would direct writers to my book“How to Write, Publish, Narrate, Produce, and Market Your eBooks & AudioBooks in 5 Easy Steps!” As for me, I learned by doing.

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