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There was a time when writers relished the idea of the Internet and the promise it held for them to tell a grand story. I was among them. I couldn’t wait to see how new opportunities would unfold, imagining a vast and growing audience and incredible, unchecked earning potential.


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Yeah, that’s not exactly how things turned out. The opportunities are there, but the earning potential is greatly diminished. And that vast audience? Well, it is actually a roiling sea of billions of competing voices and messages and tweets and tales.

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So, how does a writer rise about all the incessant chatter that’s out there?

One way to cut through the clutter is to innovate. Thinking and then sharing your new ideas is an important way to grown your voice. This is no easy task, especially considering that the world wide web is awash in ideas. But yours are special, right? Because they come from you. Craft a story that is unique and thoughtful and impactful and different.

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Another way for writers to rise above the fray is to elevate. Your story should lift the conversation to a new place. Your writing should stoke new ideas and talking points and make people think of life in a new way.

Educate. That’s right. Whether readers realize it or not, they like to learn new things. They need to learn new things. Craft a unique point of view or build an entirely creative world for readers to experience and enjoy. Expose them to controversial thoughts and unfamiliar scenes. Force them to feel uncomfortable feelings.

Finally, inspire. Break through the monotony of everyday life with a story or a novel or a non-fiction book that compels a reader to make a change or pursue a dream. Then, you will know you have done you’re job as a writer.

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