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Cool tips for summer writing


June has arrived and that break that we all look forward to is just around the corner — summer!


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Yes, summer is almost here and that means relaxation for some of us.

But, summer is also a great time to buckle down and get those creative writing juices flowing.

Here are some reasons why:

You have all the time in the world.

Summer is all about relaxing and for those students who are off school with nothing to do, why not write? Time is usually of the essence, but when summer starts, it’s limitless. Schedule a time to write every day. Mornings, before it gets too hot? Evenings, as the crickets chirp? You choose the best time for you.

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Summer is inspiring.

Summer provides great inspiration. From the tallest palm tree on the beach in Florida, to the majestic horses in Wyoming, you can find creative pictures wherever you look. Whether you write a story about the pool or by the pool, or a poem about a summer fling, the world around you is alive with newness and warmth. Put it on the page.

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Summer gives us no excuse to put off the work.

All year long we complain and procrastinate about not having any time to work on our writing pieces because of school or work. Summer gives you time to develop those ideas you have had all throughout the year. Grab all those notions deep within your mind and put them on paper. Start up a daily journal and keep track of all the creative thoughts in your head. 

If you are really serious about writing, pick up that pen and paper (or laptop) and write your destiny. Summer makes the writing game bright. Will you shine with it?

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