Collaboration is key when ideas are out of reach


As it sometimes happens, I found myself facing an empty writing well last week. All of those writing ideas that usually pour out of my heart and onto the page just dried up. I have learned not to panic when these dry spells occur because I know that this is a natural part of the writing experience.


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Life has a way of clouding even the most attentive and well-intentioned mind, steering writers from their desks toward PTA assignments, Little League games, work obligations and an occasional game of Candy Crush. Still, it can feel a little alarming to feel so bereft of ideas.

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But, as luck would have it, I became inspired in a typically unlikely place – at my job.

The day’s task found me standing in front of a group of talented women who’d gathered to hear me offer advice on how to write a good success story. The group was engaged and thoughtful, but they too wondered how they would find their writing ideas. It’s tough, I agreed. But, if we take the time to look closer at the world around us, surely we would find something inspiring there.

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From there began a simple conversation. We sat around the conference table, sipped coffee, laughed, shared our stories and, without anyone realizing it as it was happening, we had summoned up dozens of writing ideas that would work for their program. The look of relief and excitement on their faces made me happy.

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I know the feeling, after all, because I was gifted with a writing idea in that moment, too. I remembered how powerful it can be when creative minds assemble. Being there among those women, who were so generous with their own truth, so unguarded and open, was all I needed to share this important message with you today.

If your writing well has run dry, seek the comfort and collaboration of friends, family and writing professionals. Our minds are best stimulated when we are engaged in life and conversations. Are you in need of a refreshing new writing perspective?

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Kerri S. Mabee

2 thoughts on “Collaboration is key when ideas are out of reach

  1. Brilliant observation, @Kerri. All writers deal with the dry well of words… but the good news is they lay just below the surface… <3 well said. Sounds like a walk and talk is in order!

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