Avoid these 6 bad writing habits


You’re having trouble. You really want to write but you just can’t seem to get going. In fact, writing success has eluded you altogether. What’s the problem? It could be that you have adopted some of these bad writing habits:

writing habits

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–You’re trying to sound like someone you’re not. Yes, you love Stephen King. But you’re not Stephen King. Work on establishing your own writing voice for your best chance at success.

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Procrastination – you know it’s a crime. Stay focused on your writing goals by turning off your phone and shutting down all your social media platforms as you work. Eliminate distractions.

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–Don’t aim for perfection. It’s just not possible. All writers will tell you that they are rarely satisfied with their finished product. Lingering too long over a word or phrase will certainly doom the piece.

–Detachment is a habit of many writers who prefer the solitude of their bedrooms or home offices to getting out and living life. Productive writers are the ones who step out from behind their desks and actually engage the world for fresh ideas and turns of phrase.

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–Disorganization has its creative merits, but writers who fail to establish their own writing rituals are often lacking structure. Find a place and time that help stir the creative juices and then return to that setting for more inspiration, until it’s no longer inspirational. In which case…

–Step outside your comfort zone. It’s easy to get stuck in a writing rut. Network with other writers. Read books. Step away for a brief period to replenish your writing well.

What have you found to be some of your worst writing habits? Share in the comments section below.

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Kerri S. Mabee

2 thoughts on “Avoid these 6 bad writing habits

  1. Thought provoking – I don’t have the procrastinating gene, I write, and finish loads of stuff. My sticking point is sending stuff out into the world. The very thought reduces me to a quivering green jelly.

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