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8 great reasons writers love to write


Valentine’s Day is here and love is everywhere. So for inspiration, let’s talk about some of the great reasons writers love to write.

The Familiarity

A lot of writers start with what they know and what’s familiar in their surroundings. Whether it is trees swaying in the breeze, or the snow falling heavily from the night sky, we write what we know and experience. And we love it.

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For Our Family

Of course, our families our biggest inspirations. So naturally, we love to write about them. We also are very fond of them. We write how much we love or hate them, what they have done for us and more.

The Emotions

Whether we write poems for our loved ones, or we just write a couple of short stories to satisfy that writing itch, emotions are the foundation for nearly everything we write.

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For Music

Our words become music. A kind of music that allows thoughts and feelings to move our readers to emotion. It’s our contribution to the world that fills the voids in others’ lives.

Our Personal Experiences

Our personal experiences have a huge tug on our writing. We love writing about them because we get to create what makes us who we are. We get to tell the story of why and how we ended up the way we are today.

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The Audience

Our audience is the reason why we write and why our work becomes so much more than it ever started. We have an urge to be heard and our readers are who validates our work. We need them.

The Story

We have stories to tell. They live inside of us and need to come out.

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Our Reach

Ultimately, we love to write because of the enormous reach we have to touch others and make their brains think, their hearts heal and their lives prosper.

What do you love most about writing?

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