6 reasons to ditch your writing resolutions


The New Year is here and writers the world over are looking at a blank page. Many will fill that page with a list of resolutions that they plan to hold to in the New Year–words counts and completed novels will top the list. 

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But, are New Year’s resolutions the best way to go? Maybe not.

Ditch the Resolutions

–Writers have enough deadlines and doubts knocking around in their brains. Who needs the added pressure of even more goals and guidelines? Abandon guilt and starve your inner critic by working at a pace that is comfortably productive.


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–Your New Year’s writing resolutions may include an ambitious word count, but sometimes you just cannot command creativity. It must be summoned and romanced, finessed and experienced. Know when to put down your pen and replenish the well that is your writing soul.

–Resolutions can be useful for finite goals, such as losing a certain amount of weight or painting your house. But to apply a particular number or goal to your writing could be limiting. When you are moved to write, write. Don’t allow yourself to be confined to a number.

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–There will be setbacks. You will experience failures. Be careful not to confuse those challenges with your talents and ability to make your writing dreams come true. Forgive yourself on those days when you falter.

–If you haven’t yet met last year’s resolutions, it’s understandable that you might feel defeated before you even begin. That can be a drain on a writer’s already-fragile psyche. Do away with the old and focus only on the new opportunities in front of you.

–Pay too much attention to the list and you may lose sight of all the great options and ideas that lie just outside the lines. Keep your eyes wide open.

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Have you made an New Year’s writing resolutions for 2015? Have you had success doing so in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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