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5 tips for tackling your New Year writing goals


As 2017 rings in, there are those resolutions that we make to ourselves to guarantee an awesome year. For most writers, their resolutions would be to write more. Consider the following five tips for tackling your own writing goals in the New Year:


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Determine a Starting Point

With writing comes the responsibility of knowing what you are doing. In this case, think about what you want to start with. Do you want to finish a previous story you were writing? Do you want to start on a new story? There are loads of ideas to come up with once you know what to start with.

Make Lists 

Once you have an idea of what to start with, make a list of what direction you want to take your idea in. If you are finishing a previous story then make a list of characters, plots, settings and other ideas that you may have. Writing them down will keep them fresh in your mind and help jump start your writing.

Figure out a Genre

By figuring out a genre with both finishing a previous story, or coming up with a new one it will give you an insight on what direction you want to take the story in. This way it will be easier to do research (if needed) on your genre of choice. Choosing a genre will be a step in the right direction when tackling your writing goals.

Schedule a Time to Write

Whether taking care of a family or going to school, it can be difficult to set aside time to write. By getting a start on your writing goals, you should make time for writing at some point. So, schedule a time to write.

Most Importantly, Write to Your Heart’s Content

Lastly, to tackle your writing goals for the New Year, just write. No idea is a bad idea, and by writing down anything that comes to mind, you open doors to a world of imagination. A place where many people need to go and express themselves.

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