4 things holding you back from your writing dreams

So, you have a dream to write a novel. It’s been a goal of yours for far too many years. And despite your best intentions, something just keeps getting in your way.  And, for now at least, it looks as though that novel is never going to happen.

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Chances are, it’s the following four roadblocks that are keeping you from making that dream a reality:
You have no time. Well, of course there is no time. Many writers are notorious for inventing things to do – cleaning toilets, visiting the dentist – anything to avoid the arduous work of a writer.
Quick fix: Make time. Settle on the early morning or late, late night if you must. Commit to it and make it happen.
You’re fearful. You can admit it. You’re a little anxious about the idea of being judged. Afraid of criticism. Afraid of failure. Even the notion of grand success can be a little unnerving.
Quick fix: Press forward anyway. Reach out to friends for support and encouragement. Ultimately, you just have to be brave.
You’re overwhelmed. Simply put, you just don’t know how or where to start. You have some great ideas, yes. But, when it comes to actually putting pen to paper, you aren’t sure how to begin or where to go.
Quick fix: Writing a novel is a true struggle.  Be guided by fellow writers. Read lots of novels. Take an online class for information.
You see no hope. You want to write that novel. But why, if it never even has the hope of publication in this saturated and highly competitive market?
Quick fix: Write a novel, so you can say you wrote a novel. Write for the joy of it. Write to experience the wonderful introspection and satisfaction that can come from accomplishing such a feat!
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