10 writing challenges and how to fix them


If you are considering a career as a writer, it’s important that you understand the daily writing challenges you can expect to face. Read on for tips to overcome those challenges and enjoy writing success:

writing challenges

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Getting Published

With magazines and news publications closing their doors, it has grown more difficult to find reputable venues that will publish your work. Consider taking on freelance work or even starting up your own blog as a way of gaining clips and plumping up your byline. ReadWriting jobs — where to find them and how to keep them

Embracing Solitude

Yes, writing is a solitary profession. But for writing that compels and inspires, writers must attempt to break free and actually experience life as they write about life. ReadIf you can’t write it; try living it

Getting Fooled

There are many nefarious characters out there who try to capitalize on writers’ dreams by selling them on the idea that it comes with a hefty price tag. Beware of scam artists by remaining vigilant and informed. Read: Stay smart, avoid scams when securing paid writing gigs

Gaining Trust

The first step in getting published is gaining the trust and admiration of an editor who will offer you regular assignments. Brush up on ways that you can make yourself a valuable asset to an editor. Read: Six top tips for endearing yourself to an editor

Lacking Confidence

Many writers are sensitive souls who find themselves paralyzed by their own doubts about their work. Let go of those perceived notions of inferiority and dive into your dream. Read: Dive into writing; leave insecurities in the dust

Lacking Focus

It’s easy for writers to lose focus or let the day’s distractions get in the way of their writing. Stay on task and remain committed to your goals by resisting productivity pitfalls. Read: Beware of productivity pitfalls

Accepting Defeat

Nearly all writers know what it is to be rejected by a publisher. The trick is to remain undeterred. Don’t allow the rejections to ruin your dreams for a writing career. Read: You got mail: 7 tips for overcoming writing rejection

Aiming for Perfection

It’s common for many writers to strive so mightily for a perfect chapter or sentence or word that they can become so mired in the journey that they never reach their destination. Give up the need to be a perfect writer; there is no such thing. Read: Reject perfection and just write

Unreasonable Expectations

Some folks jump into the profession expecting big bucks and worldwide travel. Writing — for most of us — is dramatically less profitable and glamorous. Set attainable goals. Read: Top 4 signs you shouldn’t be a writer

Absence of Courage

Published writers must live with the fact that their words live on the page and will face the judgment of readers across the globe. Writers must be brave and willing to accept scrutiny. Read: Standing tall: Become a courageous writer

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